Our story

Our story

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

— John Keating

We were born in 2018 being the first publisher in the world to manufacture in fabric and precious metals. A Spanish brand of design pieces that fuse poetry, literature and fulfilled wishes.

All Laurissi products are designed and produced entirely in Spain, in small quantities and with materials of exquisite quality.

In addition, our jewelry is sustainable, comes from recycled gold and silver because we firmly believe that our world is the best poem ever written. We must take care of this precious world as it fully deserves it.

Once upon a time...

When her mother read to her in the light of a candle that XXI Bécquer poem. That rhyme changed her world and her way of feeling. From that moment on she did not remember a moment she stopped loving poetry.

In fact from that moment on, every time she read a fascinating verse, she felt the desire to always carry it with her. To dress it, to tell the world that she feels in a different way.

In addition, she was always very cheerful, she asked for wishes from shooting stars and the best thing is, that each one of them came true (that was her best kept secret).

2013 arrived and she met Mario, the dream partner on a white horse in Las Vegas.

2014 came, and on a night trip by car through the Tyrolean mountains the stars granted her, her greatest wish: LAURISSI.

An idea that came up while Laura, our co-founder, was looking out the car window and Cat Stevens was playing in the background.

“I remember that idea came to me out of nowhere and when I turned to tell Mario, he looked at me with his blue eyes sizzling illusion (like someone who knows someone has something important to tell him). Since then we decided to go for it and make it come TRUE”.

My wish was fulfilled, I still have many more to fulfill and one of them is that THROUGH OUR JEWELS YOU MAKE YOUR WISH COME TRUE”.

Jewellery made of shooting stars

Laurissi is much more than pieces inspired by poetry and literature. Our jewels are a commitment to you, they are shooting stars we have captured especially for you.

In fact, some of our pieces contain a stone called Moissanite discovered in 1893 by Henri Moissan in the crater of a meteorite.

Remember, before you wear your jewel for the first time, hold it in your hands and make a wish.

Every time you look at it, it will remind you that there is, a commitment to yourself to make yours dreams come true.

Jewels poetry or poetry made jewel. Unforgettable and infinite, so that they pass from mothers to daughters, from generation to generation.

So you can see life in poetry and live it in verse.

Visit our boutique now and find that special jewel that tells the world who you are.