A letter from Laura

A letter from Laura

Dear friend:

It is said that the best letters are those that are never sent and, nevertheless, I am convinced that the best ones are those that were sent and to get to hold in your hands.

There is nothing better than a “I love you” told on time and a feeling finding his destiny?

To speak to the world, your mum, your partner, your grandmother who parted or even to that friend that suddenly disappeared out of your life.

Your moment is now.

Give to the world (and yourself) what you feel.

Get dressed from the inside out, with your own essence. Once I heard that style is pure and intense emotions, which is not a matter of design, these are PURE FEELINGS.

Since then, every day when I open my jewel box I ask myself “Laura, what do we give ourselves today and what do we give to the world?”

That’s why I ask you only one thing: fill the world with yourself and your feelings. Enjoy life. To love others, but, above all, love yourself.

Believe me if I tell you that you are the best poem ever written, so please write you forever.

Share yourself with the world and let them read you, live you, poem you.

Be yourself. Be light. Be poetry.

I INVITE YOU TO OUR BOUTIQUE to find that piece that accompanies you in your life.

All our jewels are shooting stars that we have captured especially for you. When you wear them the first time, make a strong wish. Every time you look at it, it will remind you that this is a commitment to yourself. Believe me, this strong wish will come true.

Our pieces know that you are magic. They will remind this to you every day and they will tell the whole world.

Best wishes,

Laura Zalve


Don’t give up, please, don’t yield,
even if the cold burns,
even if the fear bites,
even if the sun hides,
and the wind quiets,
there is still fire in your soul,
there is still life in your dreams.
Because every day is a new start,
because this is the hour and the best moment.
Because you are not alone, because I care for you.

— Mario Benedetti